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Amay Teaching Program


The Wedding Dress Design and Development Program at Shih Chien University, Taipei, Taiwan

How time flies! I remember it was March 2011 when I started to teach the Wedding Gown Design Program. Now, It has been 10 years already.

During that time, it didn’t matter whether I was in Taiwan or the U.S, I will always have great memories of those classes. I was always very touched and amazed after each seminar just how talented and eager the students were to learn.

I will always remember the spring of 1993, when I carried two pieces of luggage on a flight to the U.S for my study at Philadelphia University. My dream was always, if I got an opportunity, to return to my hometown university to teach one day.

Because I received a lot of support from teachers, classmates, Family, and friends, I would like to continue to contribute my time and energy to helping others achieve their dream. Hope this is feedback that will inspire another generation of great designers.


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