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Behind the Scenes of Conducting the Amay 1001 Bridal Runway Show 2023


09.28.2023 at Garden Villa, Regent Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan.

During the pandemic, Amay and her team never gave up and worked hard. They teamed up with Garden Villa, Regent hotel Taipei, to help the designers to brand and promote their bridal gown designs for the runway bridal show which took place on September 28. In the past two years, Amay had directed and helped these nine designers to create 43 stunning bridal gown designs from scratch.

My Interest became my career; to help young people achieve their dreams.

My design philosophy is drawn from the inspiration I see in everyday life. From that I create my theme weddings and bridal gowns. It is the same way that I trained nine new designers how to create the collections from scratch. Bridal design starts from your inspiration and how you make your own story.

The original creativity happens when you stimulate the imagination and allow for new possibilities and associations.

In 2023 & 2024, one of the most popular theme weddings is French Romantic destination wedding. So this time at the Amay 1001 bridal runway show 2023, we used the theme to create our collections. 10 designers applied 10 different points of inspiration to become our stories to express the same topic. In addition, Rustic, Vintage, and Boho, three styles of Decadent Art, were applied to express the freedom of young love.

Post Pandemic, simple and elegant small weddings will become popular instead of the regal and luxurious weddings. The light and transparent bridal gown will become a trend instead of the Luxurious style bridal gowns.

The show turned out extremely well at the Hallway of Garden Villa, Regent hotel, Taipei. When the model walked through the runway, it caught everyone's eye.




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