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Amay Custom Bridal 

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Door to door service Amay Custom Bridal Gowns and Accessories Package- Starting at $1,950


a. Sketch the bridal gown design based on the bride’s
theme, personality, budget, and body shape.
b. Get the bride’s measurements and ship to the studio

in Taiwan to make a custom dress.
c. Fitting the bridal gown.

d. Delivery.

How Does it Work?

Watch the video below to see how the process works step by step

1. Initial Appointment

Open Pinterest Account, Bridal Profile form, Bridal & Wedding trend reviews

2. Design Consultation


Draw up one or more sketches of possible design options to choose from.


a.  Create totally new design based on Bride’s interest, budget, wedding theme, personality & body type.

b.  Synthesized or modified until the final design is agreed upon.

3. Payments


Step 1. 30% Deposit for the first “Craft Draping”(Non- Refundable)

Step 2. 30% After the first Craft Draping is approved, purchase the necessary material for the real dress

Step 3. 40% of the balance due when the dress is completed.

4. Fitting / Alterations


All the fitting and alterations are included in the cost of the dress.

I have a full service commitment to all my brides.

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