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Amay Bride: Sam


Sam & Brandon’s Wedding, Royalton - Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia.

Nothing can be more exciting than joining your bride’s wedding. It was a beautiful afternoon on November 11th, 2017. Sam was held by her father and walked down the Aisle by the Caribbean Ocean. There were about 30 guests who came from the U.S to celebrate her big day. I was honored to help her with her beautiful Bridal gown. Sam, I am so proud of you. You are so beautiful. Wishing you and Brandon a wonderful and beautiful Marriage.


In November, 2016, I entered a store to “ look” for a wedding dress. At first the manager on duty told me I wasn’t able to look around because I did not have an appointment. She told me she had a newer employee and asked if I minded working with her. Her name was Shiew-May.

I loved Shiew-May instantly. It was the first time in my life that I felt like someone listened to exactly what I wanted. She also looked at me and said ” I have the perfect dress for you”. She came back with one dress. It was my dream dress. I immediately said I loved it, and I wanted the dress. My mother insisted I try on other dresses. I tried on at least 15 other dresses but the first dress was oh so perfect. Shiew-May accessorized the dress. I felt so confident for my wedding day already. Shiew-May told me I was her first bride! I couldn’t believe it! She was so knowledgeable.

We exchanged information. I even invited her to my wedding! My wedding was a destination wedding so I assumed she would not come. A few months before my wedding, I was at work when I saw a familiar face. SHIEW MAY! She stopped by my work to tell me the greatest news ever. She was coming to my wedding! She reminded me that I was her very

first bride and wanted to make sure I was dressed to perfection. I couldn’t believe it. I was so grateful to have met someone so generous and kind. When she came to the wedding our family loved her! She has became part of our family.

-Samantha Wilson


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