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Amay Bride: Lupe

“Happiness is only real when shared.” -Jon Krakauer

In this world nothing can compare with the happiness that you have shared and achieved. When I stood up in front of the Alter of the Chapel, Double Tree, Lancaster, my bride Lupe walked down the aisle, everyone’s eyes were caught by the minimal and versatile dress that she wore.

That dress matched her simple and elegant personality very well. How flattering it appeared. Especially, when the couple lit the unity candle on the Alter, the hand-made cathedral veil was moving gracefully. I felt so touched.

After the ceremony, a lot of guests came to talk to me and gave me great compliments. It was truly my honor to join my bride’s special day.

Congratulations!!! All the best for both of you.

Lupe said “I had the privilege of having Miss Shiew-May to design and make my wedding dress. I explained to her exactly what I wanted. She understood and provided me with a sketch of the dress. I felt like I was dealing with a close family member. Her professionalism and attention to detail was exceptional.

At the end I was satisfied with the dress. It was beautiful. I received many positive and flattering comments from those who attended my wedding.

I highly recommend her; I am sure you will not be disappointed. She was very accommodating when it came to dates, times and locations for appointments. She is a caring, kind and honest person.


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