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Amay Bride: Kate


A Custom Made Rehearsal Dinner Dress is Available for You at Amay Custom Weddings Studio.

Kate looked stunning in the rehearsal dinner dress that I created for her.

The process for this project was extremely easy and smooth. It was a wonderful experience for both of us. After we communicated through e-mail and facetime when I was in Taipei, Taiwan in March, I came out with two different sketch options for her to choose from. Finally she picked the long sleeves lace illusion neckline with 3D modern lace dress to coordinate with her bridal gown.

The dress was done and delivered on time. It fitted Kate 100% perfectly. My team has been doing bridal gowns for more than 20 years. We did what we promised for the price we quoted. Our mission is to make the couple’s wedding unforgettable.

Remembering the rehearsal dinner night, I was touched by the way she looked along with the atmosphere the new couple created. It was so amazing. During the party, the groom spoke of his appreciation for Amay Custom Weddings’ effort. Everybody at the party loved Kate’s dress. I was so pleased with the compliments I received.


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